Friday, January 7, 2011

Art Project A Day #7

 Art Project A Day #7. Today, I decided to do a watercolor called friendship. These two girls are sisters, but also friends. They are my daughters, Amber and Danielle.

It measures 11 x 15 inches. I have cropped it to 10 x 12 inches.

I am just learning to use watercolors, so I think I bit off more than I could chew by trying to do people. But, I am still happy with it in some ways.


  1. You're talent with watercolors is amazing. I really envy your ability to work so well with them I find they are so hard to control and have a mind of their own. This painting really captures the moment. Like a photo in paint.

  2. Thanks, Marty. The skin was my challenge. I would love to take a class for portraits, or just ask a watercolorist what they do for skin tones. I mixed yellow, red, orange, and some brown.

    I haven't started today's (Tuesday) project yet. I just saw a cute liitle black girl in the newspaper, so maybe I will try to do a picture her. I'd better get started.

  3. Skin is really hard. It has so many colors. Some new artists have a tendency to leave too much white. One artist I really like uses black backgrounds and it sort of forces you to use color. Here is a link to her site, maybe you'll like her work:

  4. Wow, I just checked out her blog. You are right, she does skin very well. I like how she uses a red background, and some of that color peeks out in other parts of the painting. You did that in your 21 days. I remember you said you had a complementary color as a base, and it came through the finished painting. I have so much to learn and I love the process.

    As I told you once, I like how you paint where I can see paint strokes. She does it, too. I love that.

    I believe this exercise in daily art projects will help me become loose (because it's so fast), and get better just from all the practice.