Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Art Project A Day #4

Art Project A Day #4. I had a headache today, so I poured a mug of tea with lemon. Looking around for something to paint, I decided on the the mug and lemon. I had it sitting on my laptop, so that caused a major reflection.

I have added a second photo that I shot of the real mug and lemon with the painting. I think it's funny that the painting with the reflection also was reflected in my laptop.

I probably shouldn't have chozen a Seurat design. That pointalism didn't help my headache any. I see that it is a little lopsided, too (I DO own a ruler, so you'd think I would use it once in awhile. lol.). It is also very messy, but it's late, and there's no time to start over.

This is a 6 x 7 inch watercolor on 140 pound Arches paper.


  1. I really enjoy this watercolor. The reflections on the table are very good and add lots of interest in the lower part of the work. It's cool that there is a piece of art (on the cup) included in this piece of art. I love Arches 140 lb paper. I like the less precise quality...who needs a ruler sometimes :-)

  2. Thanks, Marty. You are the first to comment on my blog. Thanks for your inspiration, and also your help in my getting started. I love it!