Monday, January 3, 2011

Art Project A Day #3

When I looked outside this morning, I saw a gloomy day, so I decided to paint something from memory thet would cheer me up. I began painting a sunrise, but then it looked a little like the colors in a sunset, so I am calling it "Sunrise-Sunset" and you can decide for yourself which you prefer. Where I live in Florida, I can either drive 2 hours east to the ocean for a gorgeous sunrise, or drive 2 hours west to the Gulf of Mexico to see a fabulous sunset. Of course, we have both beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Sebring, but not over quite that wide an expanse of water.
This is an acrylic painting on an 8 x 10 canvas board. I have never used them before, but my friend, Vivian, gave me some for my recent birthday, as another option for my project.

One thing this project has shown me is that I need a new camera. The colors in the artwork look so much better in person. Or maybe it's because the gloomy day has very little natural light.


  1. I love the clouds in this painting. They are really, really intricate and interesting. I think the colors look fine. I set my paintings under the light, but turn off my camera flash to avoid the white out in the middle. The grass is perfectly positioned to add great composition to this painting. Great that you could pull this from your mind....hardest thing to do for me.

  2. I am so impressed this is from memory and imagination - it's beautiful! The clouds especially are captivating.