Thursday, January 20, 2011

Art Project a Day #18

Art Project a Day #18. This is the project for January 18th. My brother, Dan, and sister-in-law, Pat took me to see the shoreline. A fog had rolled in and there wasn't much to see, but we saw some people they knew, who were eating at the Hangout Restaurant. This sign was a the building, made out of licence tags. It is in Gulfshores AL. We thought it was really neat, and Pat suggested I paint it that night, while we watched Biggest Loser in Foley, AL.

I am in TX now, visiting my daughter, Amber and her husband, Alex. I have wireless now for a few minutes, so I may be able to catch-up on my postings. Tomorrow, I'l be in Cedar Creek with no wireless or even cell phone, so I will be playing catch-up on another day later on..

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  1. Love the combination of colors here and the theme is cool. Feel's like an anyplace south of the Mason-Dixon. Hope technology difficulties don't hamper your posting too much.